Wilson Tseng

I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Scott Overpeck. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Scott for the last two years on a leadership committee for a community based organization called Laundry Love Santa Ana. Scott is an innovative thinker who is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of social enterprise. Over the past two years Scott has taken the initiative in finding ways to fund Laundry Love through creative and innovative strategies. Scott created a campaign that developed significant funding, through the selling of laundry bags and t-shirts. He successfully executed this plan by taking input from the leadership team, interfacing with graphic designers and print shops, and ultimately marketing them to volunteers and the public. He knows how to create partnerships across common platforms, ultimately producing long-term relationships across these networks. Scott is an effective communicator and coordinator, often serving as the team leader, who presents and guides volunteers during our monthly service event. He is passionate about serving those in need and has a genuine heart. I would like to give Scott my highest recommendation, knowing that he will succeed in leading social enterprise campaigns through his exceptional knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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